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“Using a Tantric Approach, supported by modern neuroscience, mindfulness, and spirituality to guide you to achieving your deepest desires in love, intimacy & relationships.”

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"From the wounds of her past,
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Frequently Asked Questions

A typical session is 60-75 minutes and involves a combination of a Top-Down Approach (working on the influence of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviours), and Bottom-Up (somatic imprints, nervous system, sensory and sensational experiences) Healing & Integration. This is done using targeted Tools & exercises in the session, including body meditations, breathwork, aspecting tools, and energy work.

You’re seeking guidance, support and a safe space to navigate challenges or improve aspects of your sex, love, or relationship life. You want to get clear on your desires and goals. You are open to exploring your emotions, limiting beliefs, habituated behaviours, thoughts, feelings, energy, and sexuality. You are ready for change in your life and are ready to commit to doing the work it takes to create magic in your life. You feel drawn to this work and are curious and open to exploring what is means to be thriving, embodied and magnetic.

“Integration Work” refers to the process of incorporating and applying new insights, tools, practices or changes into your daily life and overall sense of self. It involves taking the concepts, skills, or perspectives gained through experiences the coaching and actively weaving them into your thoughts, behaviors, and interactions so that personal growth becomes a continuous and sustainable process. It involves being proactive and intentional about putting theory into practice, which often leads to more meaningful and lasting transformation. Examples of Integration Work would be, reading a specific book related to your desires, breathwork practices, specific guided mediations, pleasure practices, journalling, following through on a specific task related to your desires/goals, having a daily/weekly focus etc. You would typically do 1 hour specialised Integration Work Practices at least 1-3 times a week for optimal results.
I work mainly with women (cis-gender, trans as well as non-binary, and gender non-conforming), and am LGBTQ+ Friendly. I am also a Trauma-Informed Coach and am able to work with clients who have already received the necessary therapy they need for specific traumas they have worked through and are now ready to move from surviving to thriving in a safe, loving container.
I work with clients on a monthly basis which includes 2-4 coaching sessions depending on your needs and desired level of commitment for a minimum of 3 months. Payment is made monthly, before the sessions occur, as a way of booking out the time with me and fully committing to your session. Payment can be scheduled through the online payment portal, or sent directly to me via EFT or Paypal. If you would like to pay in full upfront I can offer a 10% discount. Sessions need to be cancelled or rescheduled 24hrs in advance, and are otherwise non-refundable.
Currently, I am GMT+2, and am able to accommodate clients from GMT-4 (New York, USA) to GMT+10 (Sydney, Australia).

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