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The Felt Sense is an internal bodily awareness. The connection between the mind and body.

It is all the sensations that arise within you moment to moment. And holds that unprocessed or unintegrated experiences or traumas can be held in the body for years and cause our window of tolerance to shorten, and our triggers to be reactive.

Unless we begin to listen to our Felt Sense and understand what the body is saying or needing.

Jessica Linde


I am a trauma-informed love and relationship coach, specialising in female sexuality, embodiment and empowerment through somatic healing and integration.

Through my own life’s work I have been drawn to work with women who have been initiated into motherhood, women wanting to reconnect to their bodies and sexuality, and those who have lost touch with their true essence, confidence, fullest expression, and playfulness.

Inspired by the boundless potential for personal transformation, I am passionately committed to guiding my client’s to their full potential through a container of safety, love and truth. I invite those who are ready to embrace lives of fulfillment, pleasure, and uninhibited delight to join me on a epic journey towards bliss.

Tantric Approach

High Vibe Offerings

Online Courses

A series of online programs to spark your soul, created to deepen the mind/body connection, self love, body love, pleasure, and relationships.

1:1 Online Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching to explore your desires, deepen somatic awareness, and overcome blocks to self-love, body-love, and sexuality. Empowering guidance, tools, and intimate support for transformative growth.

Group Calls & Workshops

Ignite Collective Growth. Engage in transformative group calls and workshops practicing embodiment tools and rituals, and shared experience, deepening our connection to our true nature and sensuality while in community.

The relationship you have with yourself, affects all others.

Upcoming Program

Felt Sense Foundation

7-Day Online Sensual Awakening

Reconnect To Your Body. To Your Pleasure.
To Your Untamed Nature.

It’s time to embrace your unique sensuality and reclaim your right to pleasure and fulfillment. By investing in this foundational program, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and personal growth. I provide a safe and loving container where you can explore practices around the Mind/Body Connection, Energy Body, Self Love & Body Love, Re-Wilding, Awakening Your Inner Goddess, and Integration & Healing.

Live Container & Course Release Date:

Coming 2024

Felt Sense Foundations

Felt Sense Healing Pillars

Radical Self-Love

Radical Self Love

Embracing all parts of ourselves with unconditional love and acceptance, compassion, and understanding. Integrating and transforming lost parts of ourselves. Restoring us to wholeness.

Mind/Body Connection

Explore the Felt Sense, the internal bodily awareness linking mind and body. Discover the profound impact of unprocessed experiences held in the body and how listening to its messages fosters healing and growth.

Surviving To Thriving


Integration is vital. Bridging healing practices and daily life though supportive homework ensures lasting transformation. It solidifies insights, nourishes growth, and empowers alignment, fostering authentic living and sustainable well-being.